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Why doesn't BC have an opt-out system?

This is one of the questions we hear most often, and it’s a complex topic.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that strategies such as in-hospital transplant coordinators, education and training for medical professionals, and public education are more effective at increasing donor rates than presumed consent legislation. For example, Spain attributes its world-leading deceased donor rate primarily to its use of transplant coordinators, donation physicians and a robust education program for health care professionals with presumed consent legislation playing a lesser role.

For that reason, British Columbia is focused on first investing in these foundational elements to support and increase donation, including donation physicians, education of health care professionals, and implementation of donation after cardiac death. Without these foundational system elements in place, changing the consent legislation alone will not bring about the desired level of increase in donation.

For more information on this topic, please read the following document: Opt-Out system in BC.