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Registration Process

There are 4 ways to register on the Organ Donor Registry:

  1. Fill in the Online Registration Form
  2. Request a brochure by mail.
  3. Pick up a registration form from any of the following locations: 
    • Driver Service Centres
    • RE/MAX BC locations
    • Life Labs/BC Bio locations

      Background to the Organ Donor Registry

      In 1997, a new, remote access, computerized registry was introduced to legally record an individual's decision on organ donation in British Columbia. This registry, the first of its kind in Canada, replaced all previous ways of recording your decision, including placing a decal on your CareCard or driver's license.

      Why was the new registry created?

      Although the old system of indicating your decision to be an organ donor was an easy and painless procedure, it had many flaws.

      • It was only available to BC's drivers, clearly missing a large segment of society.

      • It didn't provide individuals with a choice as to which organs, if any, they wanted to donate. 

      • The information regarding organ donation was not accessible to the health care professionals in an immediate and consistent fashion, i.e., a person who has been in an accident or suffered a serious injury may not have their driver's license or CareCard on their person in the Emergency Room and/or the Intensive Care Unit.
      • The registry allows individuals to make an educated decision about organ donation and legally record that decision. It also removes this difficult decision from surviving family members during the grieving period - a time when this kind of decision is most difficult.

      How does it work?

      • Once someone has filled out the registration form, indicating their decision on organ donation—they mail it back to BC Transplant (BCT), where it is scanned into a secure computerized database.  Alternatively, one may complete the form online.

      • Individuals registering online will receive an e-mail confirming their registration. They will also have the opportunity to save and print their completed form. Registration confirmation is also available on this site at registry verification or call BCT at 1-800 663-6189.

      How does anyone know if I am a donor?

      • At the time of an individual's death, hospital personnel would access the registry via a confidential, secure web access system connected to the individual's Personal Health Number (BC CareCard). If the individual has registered, a copy of their registration form is printed and verified, and then shown to the person's family.

      For more information please contact:

      BC Transplant
      West Tower, 3rd Floor,
      555 West 12th Avenue, 
      Vancouver, B.C.  V5Z 3X7,
      Telephone: (604) 877-2240  
      Toll Free: 1-800-663-6189
      Fax: (604)  877-2111
      E-mail: Webmaster

      Advance Care Planning: Making Your Future Health Care Decisions

      On September 1, 2011, advance directives became another new legal option for capable adults in British Columbia to do advance care planning to make their wishes known for their future health care treatment decisions. Advance care planning is the process of thinking about, and writing down, your wishes or instructions for future health care treatment in the event you become incapable of deciding for yourself.

      For more information about advance care planning, including how to make an advance care plan, name a Representative in a Representation Agreement, or to make an advance directive, visit the Ministry of Health Advance Care Planning page.

      If you are a health care provider in B.C. and want to know more about B.C.'s health care consent laws, see the updated Health Care Providers' Guide to Consent to Health Care.

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  4. Download Organ Donor Form (PDF file)



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