Pediatric Transplants

BC Children's Hospital (BCCH) performs pediatric kidney and heart transplants. In addition, the Transplant Centre handles pre-assessment of all patients referred for transplant and provides ongoing follow-up care post- transplant.

Potential liver transplant patients are assessed by the BCCH transplant team and referred out of province for transplant surgery. Once the child is transplanted and recovered the patient and family will return to BC for follow up care at BCCH.


  • You must be a BC Resident with a Personal Care Card Number
  • You must be referred by a specialist or family physician to the BC Children's Transplant Clinic

For more information on pediatric transplantation:
BC Children's Hospital
Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic
Building K4-172
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V5

Phone:  604.875.3613