Statistics & Research

  • The first organ transplant (kidney) in BC was performed in 1968 at Vancouver General Hospital.
  • Since 1968, more than 6,868 transplants have been performed in BC.
  • Over 500 British Columbians are currently on the wait list for an organ transplant – the need far outweighs the number of organs available for transplant.
  • Some organs that could be available for transplant are lost because the decision of the loved one is not known by their family.
  • Many of those waiting for a solid organ transplant die before a suitable organ is available for transplant.
  • Survival rates of transplant patients continue to improve, providing recipients with an extended and high quality of life.
  • Transplants are cost-effective. For those with kidney disease, the average cost of dialysis treatment is $50,000 a year. By comparison, the one-time cost of a kidney transplant in BC is approximately $15,000, with an additional yearly cost of about $5,500 for anti-rejection medications. 


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