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Annick Lim: A Story of Hope and Giving Back

Annick has been a volunteer and ambassador with BC Transplant for many years. She loves to give back by devoting her time to volunteering. This month she also celebrated her 25th kidneyversary!
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Celebrating a quarter of a century with a gifted kidney
Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding, big celebrations call for cake, according to Annick Lim. So last month, on the 25th anniversary of her kidney transplant, she had to have a special dessert, of course.

"This year, I celebrated my 25th kidney-versary at the same time as Lunar New Year! Lots of great Chinese food including dim sum and a beautiful cake from a local bakery!" Annick shared. 
“The last 25 years have brought me many milestones, including my wedding, and 13 vacations in Hawaii 13, just to name a few!" March, being Kidney Health Month, holds particular significance for her as she uses this time to advocate for kidney health and organ donation awareness.

  Annick and her husband on their wedding day.

Early Challenges and a Family's Gift
Annick was first diagnosed with kidney disease as a baby.

Growing up, she faced the challenges of a chronic kidney disease and her medical care was complicated because her mother only spoke French.  It wasn't until her early teens, after finally finding a French-speaking doctor, that she received consistent medical attention.

By the time she was in her early 20s, Annick’s kidney function had declined drastically, presenting her with a choice between dialysis and transplantation. The search for a suitable donor within her family tested their bonds, but ultimately her father turned out to be a perfect match.  Annick expressed gratitude towards her father's willingness to donate, stating, "I was glad that it was him because it's something that he really wanted to do, and to this day, he'll say it's the best thing he ever did."

A New Lease on Life
Following the successful transplant, one of the most significant changes in Annick’s life was how much more energy she now had.  She says, "After the transplant, I would lay down for my usual two- to four-hour nap and found myself wide awake. I didn't need naps anymore."

This newfound energy enabled Annick to return to work full-time at the jewelry store where she was employed and participate in activities she enjoys. One of her favourite memories is the day she and her husband drove four hours from their home in Penticton to Vancouver just for dim sum.

Volunteering: A Mission to Save Lives
Annick's gratitude for the gift of life has also translated into a passion for helping others. As a volunteer with BC Transplant for over a decade, Annick has dedicated herself to raising awareness about organ donation.

"I love to volunteer with BC Transplant! So many people we come across 'have meant to register' and we're there to help them take that step further and to actually register!" she explains, highlighting the impact of her efforts.
Her volunteer work has been both a source of fulfillment and a platform for change. One of her most cherished memories involves meeting Shelley Hunt, now a close friend. Shelley was inspired by Annick's story to donate a kidney to a child in their community. Their journey, documented in the film "Because I Can," exemplifies the ripple effect of organ donation. 

Annick's husband also joins her in her volunteer efforts. "My husband helps people register their wishes for organ donation and his smile and cheerful greetings always gets so many people interested in what he's talking about," says Annick 

Looking ahead, Annick is hopeful that she has another 25 years, and more, with her gifted kidney. That’s also more time to continue her mission to encourage people to register as organ donors.

"Organ donation means freedom, it means saving lives, it means extending lives," she states, emphasizing the life-altering impact of her transplant. 

In 2023, 77 British Columbians chose to be living kidney donors, changing the lives of family members, friends, and even complete strangers who were in need of a kidney transplant. Learn more about living donation here: Living Kidney Donation.

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